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Friday, January 21, 2005

Pathetic dung beetles on the ass of history.

Derek, your own words damn you. Your choice of words reveals your mindset--which mimics that of the wire service. Unsuprising since you admit that's your only source for the news on which your opionions are based. You doubt the LTC's estimate of enemy dead, ascribing it to 'best guesses by commanders on the ground.' Yet what information do you have to refute it? An article written by someone who TOURED the area FIVE DAYS after the battle was over. Whose source of information is more likely to be accurate? But perhaps Dexter Filkins does have a better source of information than the commanders on the ground. What would that be? Where would it come from? Could it be the insurgency press release that declares they got away without major injury? The MSM (and your own) admitted insistence on placing less trust in the word of the American military than on the word of Baathist and Islamist thugs reveals exactly why the average American finds his opinion of you lower than Iraqi shit, you despicable dung beetle on the ass of history. You cannot claim to value the life of an American soldier when you openly distrust the American soldier and willingly swallow every morsel of shit the Islamists flick in your direction.

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