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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Where did you come from, where do you go....

Probably no one's been checking back here, but in case anyone wondered--I gave up blogging--actually, screwing around on the internet in any non-work related way(during the work week)--for Lent.

I normally waste an incredible amount of time per week on the internet, when I really should be helping my wife unpack all the wedding gifts, writing thank yous, etc. So I gave it up.

So anyway, just last weekend I got back from a two week (actually 12 day) trip around the country. It was boondoggle actually. I got to visit a lot of the DOD and contractor space facilities, among them a detachment of the command I'm working at next--Naval Space Operations Center, or NAVSPOC.

The highlight of the trip for sure was visiting JSC in the company of a retired astronaut, Dan Bursch. Three time shuttle flier and member of ISS Expedition Four, Capt Bursch, USN (ret) holds the US record for time spent in space. That's him below, standing next to a picture of expedition Four. He's the guy on the left of the picture.

Anyway my in-laws are coming over, so I'll finish this some other time.

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