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Monday, April 17, 2006

Let me clear the air on

Just want to make it clear to anyone that finds their way to this post or the one below that on a personal level, I admire Sam Dinkin's efforts to get the rest of us to space. I admire his optimistic take on the challenges and rewards of getting spaceflight for the masses. That's one of the reasons his articles on The Space Review are usually one of my first reads of the week.

Try here.
or this one.
or this one.
or what about this classic?

Starting up a new enterprise is an enormously challenging and backbreaking endeavor. Add in vagaries like domain squatters and eclectic interests of state Attorney Generals, and it can truly be a perilous and challenging journey.

All that said, my criticisms of the gameplay of Space result from my experiences as a paying customer. In the end I can say whatever I want, but I'll put my money down to play again if I think it's worth the while of doing so. Right now I'm not there.

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