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Monday, April 17, 2006

Oooooh I won a free play on Space Shot!

Evidently Sam read my post and already commented on it. This internet thingy is pretty fast!

I evidently got a free play by pointing out the 'finalizing . . .' bit. That's pretty neat.

Some other comments by Sam:
Our standings page is in development and should be ready by the time a player reaches the finals if not sooner.

We can only have the weather as specific as the National Weather Service Reports it. No sense in getting more granular when the NWS reports in whole degrees.

. . .

Right now, is the only way to win a trip to space for $3.50 as many as you want. No other way will have as broad a population that will be competitive in the skill.

I would definitely argue the granularity bit... Sam, you're thinking like a scientist, not a game player. If I say 50.20 and I am randomly matched up against someone who picked 50.25, I will win if the high is 50 or below. I'll lose if it's above 50 degrees.

It's not about scientific accuracy, it's about the ability to choose your proximity to the higher and lower numbers. It's about positioning.

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