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Monday, May 08, 2006

Enough Already

One of my pet peeves about the blogosphere is the instant piling on that takes place whenever somebody makes a 'politically incorrect' statement in public.
*I don't in any way condone* what Peter Diamandis said, and the very fact that I have to state that to keep from receiving angry links or comments is exactly what I'm talking about.
There is a certain element in the blogosphere that takes extreme delight in calling attention to any and all slips of the tongue, inappropriate wording, and mistakes. It's a gotcha mentality that represents all the worst of reporting and the relative anonymity of being behind a keyboard.

NASAwatch does this all the time--a significant percentage of the postings are gotchas about this or that NASA release that doesn't exactly match up with an internal document, or two Griffen statements at different events that appear to contradict--more the point, often completely irrelevant to any major issue dealing with NASA.

The real joy, I guess, is in intimating that someone else has not done their homework or done their job right or some aspect of their job.

But personally, I'm just sick of the whole atmosphere. Our society should be secure enough that we don't have to go demanding self-flagellation whenever someone makes a slip of the tongue.

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