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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Signing off

As is probably obvious from perusing the date of posts, I haven't posted much lately. My wife is pregnant with our first and I'm at full throttle for the next few months trying to finish my Master's thesis, so I don't imagine I'll find much time to post much in the future either.
In all, I'm not sure I have all that much to say that others in the blogosphere don't say better and faster than me. I take exception to some things that Rand Simberg and Keith Cowing say because I think they're often unfair or extremely biased against government efforts.
But on the whole I have them to pick on because both of them are so prolific with content. (which I'm not) I do have an original perspective on some topics due to my position, but generally the things I would like to post--such as studies i've done, and some documents by others that I think bring an interesting perspective or introduce hard scientific facts where fancies run wild. But most of this content consists of files that can't be uploaded for free to services like Blogger. Since I don't right now have the time to run my own domain, I'm going to stop posting until I can back my opinions with content. In the meantime, check out Space Cynic for much needed doses of sanity in the or New Space world.

God bless and choose life.


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